3 Games That Make You Forget That We’re Living in a Frozen Wasteland

3 Games That Make You Forget That We’re Living in a Frozen Wasteland

As the mercury drops, we need a sunny escape from the cold. The perfect time to find some new board games that let you do just that! Here’s a list of games that promise to transport you from the icy grips of winter to worlds of adventure, excitement, and SUN. 


Parks Transport yourself into a summer of hiking and wilderness with Parks, where you encounter the US National Parks. Hike along the trail through 4 seasons while collecting resources, visiting parks, and making memories! Share spaces with fellow hikers with campfire, fill your canteen to utilize special resources, and acquire more gear to improve your chances at collecting points.  


Goodbye ice and snow, hello sand and sun! You’ve crash landed in the hottest place you could possibly end up – THE DESERT. Your flying ship is in pieces buried beneath the sand dunes and you must work together to find it and get out of here before you run out of water! Race to collect ship parts while being careful to stay out of the beating sun and avoid getting buried by sandstorms. One of the standout things about this game is the intricate details put into their physical pieces. Bright colours and unique images will warm you RIGHT up out of this frozen city of ours. 


Skate Summer We’re not skating on ice; we’re skateboarding on sunny sidewalks for this game. Picture yourself in the sun-drenched oasis of Pelican Park, where you are nailing tricky combos and showing off your boarding skills all in the name of points (and street cred!). The objective? Score more points, do riskier tricks, and push the envelope round by round. Be careful though, the longer you stay on your board, the more that’s at stake! 


Wait, do you LOVE living in a frozen wasteland? Then here is a bonus recommendation for you: Frosthaven!

Harsh weather, dangerous threats, and unforgiving cold. It’s like Edmonton in a deep freeze! This standalone adventure from the designer and publisher of Gloomhaven will have you dealing with the elements to help bring the settlement of White Oak back from the edge of destruction. Deal with the Yeti-like Inox attacking from the mountains, Lurkers flooding in from the northern sea, and machines that wander the frozen wastes at their own free will. We are getting colder just writing this. 

Check out Frosthaven

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