Table Top Cafe Puzzle Battle

Puzzle Battle

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Table Top Cafe is hosting a frustratingly fun evening of puzzle madness on Thursday May 26th at 7pm. Come early and eat your fill to be fully ready for puzzling.

Teams of 3 to 4 players will all be given an identical 500 piece puzzle to complete as quickly as possible. The winning team will get a puzzle of their choice for each member and each team gets to keep the puzzle they have just completed. 
We are seeing more people bringing extra friends to 'hang out' during the battle. This is designed for teams of 4 or fewer, having extra people at your table is discouraged. If they help out during the battle then we will have to disqualify the team from winning.
Each ticket includes:
Entry into the puzzle battle for one full team (2 to 4 players)
Four complimentary drinks $7 or less
Unlimited board game play time before and after the event
Your chance at puzzle battle glory!
*If you do not attend, your ticket and spot will be void and no refund will be given.