3 Games Even Grandma Can Play

3 Games Even Grandma Can Play

It’s the holidays and that means getting the whole family together for festive celebrations! Are you wanting to bust out the board games and make some memories during your holiday gatherings? Need some recommendations that will cover the whole family - from kiddos to the Grandmas and Grandpas? Here are 3 suggestions for games that we think even Grandma can play!

Catch the Moon

Catch the Moon

This lighthearted, easy-to-learn game involves stacking ladders strategically in order to “Catch the Moon”! Players roll a die which says how many ladders they must add to the structure. If the ladders fall, uh oh! That player collects a teardrop. Once all of the teardrops from the supply are gone, whoever has the least is the winner! 

We think this is a great game for Grandma because it is super simple to learn, quick to play, and the “Jenga”-esque vibe keeps the strategy light and enjoyable for all players regardless of whether they win or lose!

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Looking for something a bit more strategic but still not too complex? Qwirkle is a fan favourite! In this game, you have a hand of tiles (each with 1 of 6 shapes in 1 of 6 colours). On your turn, you add the tiles to sets of either the same shape or the same colour in order to score points. If you’re the player to complete a set of 6, yay! That’s called a Qwirkle and scores you double! 

Similar to Scrabble in some ways, the concept is pretty simple to explain and easy to pick up. Having only 6 shapes or 6 colours to look at keeps things relatively straightforward, but the game can be strategic as well! 

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Tiger & Dragon

Tiger and Dragon

In Tiger and Dragon, players start with a "hand" of tiles numbered 1-8. The first player puts down a tile and the next player can choose to either "block" it by playing down the same number or pass. Once a player "blocks", they may then "attack" using another tile from their hand. The first player to use all of their tiles wins the round and a number of points depending on what their last played tile was! Once someone gets to 10 points, they win!

This game is very simple to play, but there is a lot of complex strategy to discover if you're up to the task. The pieces are chunky and tactile with a Mahjong feel and the game plays fairly quick as well.

Would you play any of these games with your Grandma? What other games would you recommend? Leave your suggestions in the comments below! 

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