The perfect place to come together and get your game on

Our staff on hand can help you pick the right game for your group and teach you how to play it. Many of the games are also available for sale giving you an excellent try-it-before-you-buy-it experience. The store is a comfortable place where people can meet with friends, play a game, share a drink, and connect face to face.


Table Top Café was started on Oct 26th 2013 by Brian Flowers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It was created to bring people together to play board games, connect face to face, share a drink, and meet new friends. 


There are currently over 600 games in the library and staff are on hand to get people playing the right game for their group quickly. Customers pay one flat rate ($7) per person to play as many games as they like for as long as they want. Each person is assigned a tab with their name on it so they can order freely throughout the day as the average stay time is around 3 hours. We want to keep people playing uninterrupted as best we can!


Many of the games available for play are also available for purchase giving customers an excellent try-it-before-you-buy-it experience. All our retail offerings are also available online and include Boardgames, jigsaw puzzles, Dungeons & Dragons material, miniatures, accessories and supplies.


The menu includes a wide range of local Alberta beers, specialty coffee and tea, sandwiches, nachos, snacks (including bowls of candy or popcorn) and our latest offering; Pizza!


All ages and experience levels are welcome but we cater more to casual gamers and will do whatever it takes to get new people into playing modern board games.