Table Top Cafe Norse Foundry Gemstone Dice: Bronze Orange Imperial Jasper

Norse Foundry Gemstone Dice: Bronze Orange Imperial Jasper

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An explosion of colors, the rustic streaks of orange, white, and brown symbolizes a truly earthy element that can’t go unnoticed. Each die is made with a mix of crushed Bronzite and Orange Imperial Jasper gemstones sourced from the canyons of Mexico, Guadalajara and in mineral deposits in the USA, Austria, and England. Harnessing the power of mother earth herself, this wonderful Jasper TruStone dice set gives your character an extra boost of strength and skill required to take on all your unearthly adversaries. Each TruStone die is made using a 70/30 mix of natural cut jasper stones and resin. The dice holds together with a translucent effect showcasing a rich, layered pattern of colors and textures. As a wondrous item, you’ll find it giving you an instant upgrade unlike other weapons like axes and arrows. A great addition to your RPG set, this 7-piece polyhedral dice set will be loved by all your fellow players and adventurers during the next meeting or game night. Due to the unique mixture of gemstones, no two dice are ever alike.