9th Birthday Sale

Table Top Cafe is 9 Years Old Now




We have 5 different game bundles to give away: Family Games, Roll-n-Writes, Party Games, Deception Games, and Two player Games. Each of these are valued at approximately $200. 




Used Game Sale

Sunday October 23rd at 11:00am we will also be hosting another used game sale as part of our birthday celebration. Various regular customers will have their games available flea market style to browse and buy alongside our 20% off sale.



Alley Kat Cask

We have a special cask beer from Alley Kat for our birthday, just like the pre-covid days! This unique wheat ale features a delicious combo of cranberry and ginger for that Halloweeny vibe and is available Saturday only. We will be tapping the cask at 1pm and selling it for $5 a pint until it's all gone.




*Fun notes*

We reserve the right to limit the time sit down customers can stay and play. This will be a busy day and we want to give as many people as we can the chance to hang out at the cafe.

The $20 draw tickets apply for all sales made on either day both online and off. This includes all retail, all food and drink, all base fees, and all used game purchases. 

Online orders will have their draw tickets shipped with their order.

Winning tickets will be posted on our website and social media.

The draw will be made on Monday October 24th and winners can claim their prize anytime after that until the end of the year.

Prizes cannot be exchanged and all sales are final on discounted items.