MEGA GAME: Power to the People

It’s time for a MEGA GAME

What is a mega game?
A megagame is a type of large-scale simulation which can contain elements of role-playing games, tabletop games, LARPs and wargames – the amount of these is dependant on the scenario being played and the way the players choose to engage with the scenario. Participants can be arranged into hierarchies of teams – some games will consist of multiple competing factions and others will have teams operating in different game ‘niches’. Megagames have been played with up to 300 people, though are more usually played with 30-80 players.

For an excellent video on one such game, check out this from Shut Up and Sit Down:

‘Power to the People’ is about the struggles of a newly elected socialist government trying to reconcile the differences within The Party and to manage the often subversive challenges from The Establishment (or deep state as it is often called).

The minimum player count is 23 and can go up to 46. So teams will be from 2-4 people depending on player count. See below.

Tickets are $20 bucks and can be purchased from Table Top Cafe.
You can e Transfer to (Make the password “Megagame”. ) or pay in person at the 124 street store.

If you have question feel free to post in the event.

Below are links to the current player count/Roles and the player guide. I would recommend reading the player guide ahead of time.\