Table Top Cafe Tuesday D&D Ticket feat. Jay (Chance's Group)

Tuesday D&D Ticket feat. Jay (Chance's Group)

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Purchase this ticket to save your spot in Jay's D&D session this upcoming Tuesday at 6:00 pm! Quantities will be refreshed each week after the session completes.

***We are switching to pre-registration for all D&D events. You are more than welcome to simply drop in and hope for a spot but priority will be given to players who buy their tickets ahead of time***
Hail and well met, adventurers! If you're looking for a new group or want to try out D&D for the first time ever, join our very own Dungeon Master Jay for an evening of adventure and fun!
This event will be $10 in order to properly compensate our DM's
6:00 - Character creation (if needed)
6:30 - Game Starts
*This event has a max of 6 players 
*Pre-purchased tickets will automatically be assigned to the next session. If you do not attend, your ticket and spot will be void and no refund will be given. 
----Jay's Table----
The village of Cedar Ridge resides in a peaceful valley high in the Crownvale mountains. Lately there have been rumours that employees of the Ridgeline logging company have been going missing, as well as inexplainable occurrences. Mayor Ellias Flint is looking for some capable individuals to head over the ridge to investigate… That’s where you come in.

This is a mini campaign, please bring or make at the table a level 3 character, all official content is okay, you can ask if you want to do something outside of rules as written. Expect to level up at least once.

I’m Jay, I’ve been playing and DMing for about a year now, just trying to create a game everyone can enjoy.