Cold Drinks

Endless Fountain Pop   3.50

pepsi, diet pepsi, root beer, 7-up, brisk iced tea, orange crush

Italian Soda   2.75

watermelon, peach, raspberry

Slurpee   2.75

flavor changes regularly


Café Drinks 16oz

Americano   3.75

Cafe Latte   4.50

Cafe Mocha   5.50

Chai Latte   4.50

Hot Apple Cider   3.25

Hot Chocolate   4.75

London Fog   5.25

Emerald Fog   5.25

Steamer   3.50

add vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut syrup

Tea   2.75

Tea Latte   4.75

black: breakfast, earl grey, chai
green: spring jasmine, white orchard, emerald matcha
herbal: mint, chamomile citrus, ginger



On Tap

Alley Kat Aprikat   7.50

Sea Change Blonde Ale   6.50

Rotating Cans

Check our chalkboard in store for our current selection of local beers and ciders.


Cocktails and Drinks

Forbidden Island (2 oz)   9.50

gin, rum, vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, pepsi

Butterbeer (1.5 oz)   8.75

butter ripple schnapps, root beer

Paralyzer (2 oz)   8.75

vodka, kahlua, pepsi, milk

Caesar (1 oz)   7.50

vodka or gin, clamato, tabasco, worcestershire, celery salt, lime

Adult Slurpee (1 oz)   6.75

slurpee of the day and liquor of your choice



Potion Explosion

5.75 to roll your fate, 6.75 to choose it!

1. Joking Hazard

tequila, a dash of tabasco

2. Mint Condition

creme de menthe, triple sec, vodka

3. Axis & Allies

vodka, crown royal, jägermeister, chambord 

4. Smash Up

jägermeister, malibu

5. Organ Attack

melon liqueur, blue curacao, vodka

6. Russian Rails

vodka, kahlua

7. Talkative Merlin

tequila, blue curacao, lime

8. Bananagram

butter ripple schnapps, creme de banane, baileys

9. Candyland

creme de cacao, kahlua, frangelico

10. King of Tokyo

creme de banane, crown royal

11. Queen of Hearts

chambord, peach schnapps, vodka

12. Felix Felicis

butter ripple schnapps, frangelico

13. Yahtzee

baileys, blue curacao, creme de banane

14. Gelatinous Cube

chambord, frangelico

15. Snake Oil

creme de menthe, creme de cacao, baileys

16. Magic Missile

peach schnapps, crown royal, triple sec, lime, lemon

17. Rummikub

melon liqueur, creme de banane, malibu

18. Fireball Island

amaretto, fireball

19. Wood for Sheep

baileys, amaretto, kahlua

20. Wild Card!

choose any shot 1-19 at rolling price