Table Top Cafe Tuesday D&D Ticket feat. Kassidy

Tuesday D&D Ticket feat. Kassidy

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Purchase this ticket to save your spot in Kassidy's D&D session this upcoming Tuesday! Quantities will be refreshed each week after the session completes.

***We are switching to pre-registration for all D&D events. You are more than welcome to simply drop in and hope for a spot but priority will be given to players who buy their tickets ahead of time***
Hail and well met, adventurers! If you're looking for a new group or want to try out D&D for the first time ever, join our very own Dungeon Master Kassidy for a night full of adventure and fun!
This event will be $10 in order to properly compensate our DM's
6:15 - Character creation (if needed)
If you are making a character from scratch, please arrive for 6!
6:45 - Deadline for character sheets
7:00 - Game Starts
*This event has a max of 6 players 
*Pre-purchased tickets will automatically be assigned to the next session. If you do not attend, your ticket and spot will be void and no refund will be given. 
----- Kassidy's Table -----
Your story begins in the town of Pernalia, a small settlement in a land of high fantasy with many undiscovered secrets. As an adventuring team, you have been called to action after the Mayor fled town amidst a storm of controversy. On the way to track him down, unexpected adventures lead you down a winding path of mystery and exploration. From Pixies to Hag Covens, Necromancers to Drow Kindgoms - there is no telling where the trail will lead...or what will be waiting for you at the end!
This is a homebrew campaign that is currently at Level 7; the story will continue and evolve from week to week. Returning players can carry over items and may receive additional bonuses to help the party. Only official sourcebooks may be used for character creation.