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Global Edmonton Table Top Day Interview

Global News – Edmonton | Morning News Edmonton
Published: Apr 5, 2014

Table top day is an international event created by Wil Wheaton and the Geeks & Sundry YouTube group to help spread the joy of playing board games all over the globe.

Shane sits down with Brian Flowers, owner of Edmonton’s Table Top Café, to hear more about the event.


Board game cafe has Monopoly in Edmonton

CBC News – Edmonton
Published: Oct 27, 2013

A new cafe in Edmonton has board game fans rolling the dice.

The Table Top Cafe has more than 300 board games for visitors to choose from.

For five dollars, customers can play for as long as they want.

It’s the only cafe of its kind in the city.


Park man rolls dice on cafe

By Steven Wagers, Sherwood Park News
Published: Friday, August 30, 2013

A Sherwood Park resident is putting his own spin on a new cafe that will be opening in Edmonton this month.

Brian Flowers’ menu at his soon-to-be-open Table Top Cafe will include all the normal things such as coffee, paninis, muffins, cake and candy bowls, but visitors will also be able to get their fill of board games.


New cafe geared to become a haven for game-lovers

By Marta Gold, Edmonton Journal
Published: Friday, August 23 2013

In an age when coffee shops are judged by their Wi-Fi connectivity, Brian Flowers is doing the unthinkable – opening a café where board games reign supreme.

Don’t bother bringing your laptop, smartphone or tablet to The Table Top Cafe when it opens next month in Edmonton. The main source of entertainment will come from good old human interaction.