How it works

And here is how it works!

calltoactionTable Top Café is a trendy alternative to current coffee shops as well as a unique way for people to spend their leisure time. It has all the regular trappings of a café with a wide selection of board games to play. The store is a comfortable place where people can meet with friends, play a game, share a drink, and connect face to face.

How It Works

Hundreds of board games are available for anyone to play for the daily cost of only $5 per person. This fee is put towards both growing the collection as well as replacing missing pieces or damaged games.

A large selection of games in the collection are also available for sale which creates a one-of-a kind, try it before you buy it board game service for our customers. Not all games are created equal, and what greatly appeals to one person may not interest another.

Table Top Café encourages you to dive in and explore the huge game selection and find which ones fit your style!

Rules of Enjoyment

Table Top Café is dedicated to offering a space that is safe, fun, and welcoming to everyone! We ask for cooperation from all of our guests in observing the following Rules of Enjoyment* in our efforts to ensure that everyone can enjoy our space, our food, and our games:

  • Drink responsibly. Guests who over-indulge may be asked to refrain from drinking, or asked to leave the café entirely.
  • Please remember to treat all games, staff, and the space with due respect. We want you to feel at home here, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to be disrespectful.
  • Please remain conscious of those around you, and make sure that your fun isn’t infringing on the fun of others.
  • Our games and our space are for the enjoyment of everyone. Any form of discrimination, or discriminatory speech, is absolutely not okay. This includes:
    • sexism or gender discrimination;
    • ableism;
    • racism;
    • homophobia; or
    • transphobia

    (We get it; some games, like Cards Against Humanity, make this kind of thing unavoidable. Just try to remember that what might seem like a funny joke to you could be incredibly hurtful to someone sitting nearby, and use your discretion when you’re reading your cards aloud.)

  • We have a zero-tolerance policy on any form of bullying or harassment. Trash-talking your friends in good fun over a game of Monopoly is fine, but not when it negatively impacts the people that are sitting around or with you.
  • Please be aware of your personal hygiene and how it can affect others in this tight space, and avoid wearing strong scents.

*Table Top Café reserves the right to change, update, or modify these rules at any point and without notice